Partnerships with a purpose.
Spotlight is creating a more equitable future by  building student-industry mentor partnerships  that will work together to develop solutions for societal and industry blindspots.

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Changing Blindspots to Spotlights.

Shining a light on untapped potential by giving students
equal access to a network of professional resources.

Invest in the Future

Transfer your knowledge and skills to the young professionals and take part in defining the future of our society


Connect with a group of students
based on shared passion. 

Problem Solving
Work together to develop
a deliverable and action plan to address your

Lets Make
Change Together.

Spotlight invites you to mentor and partner with students and join a network of committed individuals open to lifelong learning, diversity and inclusion, and addressing the world's blindspots. In this program, you will learn about blindspots from students and coach them to explore a blindspot as a market opportunity and develop solutions to solve for it.

Share your knowledge and experience to inspire inclusive innovation and multi-generational partnership.

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